Welcome to Royal Oak Cattery


And so do your cats!

We offer indoor and outdoor catteries catering to the fussiest of felines!

Royal Oak Veterinary Care is located at 649 Mt Albert Road (near the Pah Rd intersection) conveniently en route to Auckland airport from the city and is suited for cats who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.  

Newly renovated, a huge sheltered alfresco area allows our feline charges to play, drink their filtered water, sunbathe and generally watch the world go by.  At night everyone is tucked up in private and comfortable quarters with FeliwayTM diffusers ensuring relaxing pheromones are filtering through the room.  This helps your special friend to relax and settle into his/her new environment.

We always provide high quality veterinary diets in both wet and dry forms. If your feline friend has his/her individual tastes we're happy to help- just bring their special food in with them and we can feed them just like at home.

We are also ideally equipped to cater for cats that are on long term medication. Having vets and nurses on site mean your cats special health care requirements can be addressed throughout their stay. On arrival we can check your cats vaccination history, deworming and flea treatment needs. The nurse or vet will also check their teeth and overall body condition. This is all included in the cost of your cats stay!

Wellness checks and dental treatment can be carried out during their stay at your request - feel free to speak to our highly qualified nursing staff about your cats individual needs.

Cattery drop off and pick up hours are as follows:
Monday - Friday 9am - 10am and 4pm - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 10am

Here's why Royal Oak Veterinary Care & Cattery is the purrfect place for your cat to relax:

  • Professional veterinary care available at all times.

  • Veterinary recommended premium diet

  • Veterinary standard hygiene practices

  • Qualified, dedicated cattery team

  • Professional nursing care for your cats special health care requirements

  • Stimulating toys available for your playful feline

  • Viewing available during business hours

Cats need dental care too!

While your cat is holidaying with us why not take the opportunity to have their teeth looked after as well. Leave all the after care of dental surgery to our caring, professional nursing team.