482 Dominion Rd



67 Pt Chevalier Rd

Pt Chevalier


649 Mt Albert Rd

Royal Oak


Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8am - 6pm

Tuesday 8am - 7pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm


If your pet experiences a medical emergency during our normal clinic hours (see below) please come directly to our clinic. If you can please call us, that will enable us to be ready for you when you arrive and deal with your emergency promptly. Be assured your pets will be able to get great care even outside our usual opening hours.


We refer our patients to:

Western After Hours

Unit 2/348 Rosebank Road


(09) 820 7273

They have been providing quality care for more than 25 years and are open anytime we are not: including Sundays all day and public holidays. Details from the after-hours clinic will be forwarded to us the next morning so we’ll know exactly what treatment your pet has received.

Animal Emergency Centre

97 Carrington Road

Mt Albert


(09) 849 2121


They have been providing after hours service since 2007 and take on both emergency cases and also our critical patients that need over night or weekend observations and treatment.