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We offer a full range of surgical procedures performed by our skilled and experienced vets, using modern anaesthetic machines and drugs. We offer a large range of operations such as desexing, exploratory surgery, caesarians, lump removals, wound stitches, bone repair and more.

We have a dedicated surgery nurse who monitors your animal the entire time from when they are first anaesthetised to when they are completely awake. We only use the safest anaesthetic drugs and have modern monitoring equipment. The surgical table is heated for the comfort and support of our patients. We feel very strongly about providing optimal pain relief for our patients before, during and after surgery, and several different types of pain relief medication is always given.

In most cases, surgery and anaesthesia are very safe, but we reduce any risk as much as possible. A pre-anaesthetic blood test is recommended before surgery to check for any possible organ problems that may interfere with the safety of the anaesthetic. Your vet will discuss this with you before any surgical procedures.

If we feel that surgery on your animal is best carried out by specialists, we have access to referral clinics across Auckland. We will always discuss this option with you if we feel it is appropriate.


Sometimes returning your pet back to full health involves running tests to work out exactly what the problem is. We use a combination of our in house laboratory and special service providers to provide us with a full range of diagnostic tools.

Our in-house laboratory can provide us with comprehensive blood chemistries for pre-anaesthetic blood testing, geriatric pet checks, and sick animal panels, as well as urine analysis. We send other diagnostic tests to a local laboratory, and in most cases we get results back the same day.

We have a full radiology unit for taking digital x-rays, ultrasounds, and dental x-rays that we use when we need to take images of your pet’s body.

Occasionally some cases will require specialised care or more comprehensive diagnostics best performed at a specialist facility. We will always discuss the most appropriate approach during your consultation.

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