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Animals need dental care just like people, and dental problems are the number one issue that we see in pets. After every meal, a layer of invisible plaque develops on teeth, which in time hardens into calculus. Calculus is the yellow/brown staining that you can often see on affected teeth. This provides an ideal environment for bacteria to grow which can loosen the ligament holding the teeth in place, leading to loss of teeth. The bacterial infection around the teeth can also spread around the blood stream and affect heart and liver health.


Signs of dental problems are:

  • Bad breath

  • Chewing on one side of the mouth only

  • Loss of ability to chew or pick up hard foods

  • Discolouration of the teeth, and bleeding of the gums


Unfortunately cats and dogs often hide dental pain, and do not give us any signs that there is a problem.

We have a range of facilities to help diagnose and treat dental disease in your pet.


  • Scaling and polishing equipment

  • High speed handpieces for extraction of problem teeth

  • A range of products to help with maintaining dental health including dental chew toys, dental diets and pet toothbrushes.


Feel free to come in and discuss dental care with one of our nurses.

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